About Inner War Strength

Inner War Strength designs powerlifting, weightlifting, gym and training apparel for you who are at war against atrophy.

At War Against Atrophy

We are often our own worst enemies.

There will always be a part of yourself that wants to be comfortable.

Apathy, self-doubt, fear… these are the weapons of the enemy within.

If you want to evolve, you need to fight against that part of yourself that wants you to be safe instead of great.

Somewhere in the moment you face adversity head on… in that last excruciating rep… in the moment you choose to take a step beyond what you think is possible… you cross a threshold.

Declare Inner War!

Inner War Strength designs powerlifting, weightlifting, gym and training apparel for you who are at war against atrophy.

Whether you’re going to war with the weights in the gym or storming the streets of your crumbling metropolis, Inner War Strength Co. represents those who fight against weakness in all its forms.

Join the 111% Crew.

Design & quality

Inner War Strength t-shirt quality begins at the thread level. Our t-shirts are made from airlume and ring-spun cotton which has 2.5× less impurities than standard cotton. Most cheap t-shirts are constructed from a tube of fabric to keep costs down, but all Inner War Strength Co. t-shirts are constructed with a more complex side-seamed design for a perfectly tailored fit every time.

All Inner War Strength products are made to order. Our designs are printed onto our high-quality t-shirts using state of the art DTG (Direct To Garment) printing and environmentally friendly water based inks. DTG printing is more expensive and time-consuming than traditional silkscreen printing, but our prints are more detailed and vibrant, softer and more breathable, and won't crack or peel over time.


In traditional retail, products are mass-produced in large quantities often exceeding market demands. Approximately 85% of all textiles produced end up in landfills, making the fashion industry a huge contributor to environmental damage. Since we produce our products on a made to order basis, we produce significantly less waste than traditional retail.

The garment industry is also one of the most polluting, using millions of tons of water per year and creating waste from dyes and inks. Our t-shirts come from W.R.A.P. certified manufacturers and dyed in California using 7× less water than the industry average. We conduct our own quality tests when launching every new product to ensure print quality and material durability.

Built to last

Inner War Strength fitness clothing is built to last. We've gone to great lengths to produce a high-quality gym t-shirt that is light yet durable. Able to withstand brutal training sessions, take on sweat, chalk and blood but keep going for many washes.

We hope you love our products as much as we enjoyed making them for you.

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