Complaining is for Losers

Complaining is for Losers

It seems there's always someone outraged on social media about something or other nowadays. You know you have at least one friend on Facebook like this.

Social media used to be a place to stay in touch with people you never talked to in high school, share inane memes, massage your insecurities by bullying people behind the safety of anonymity, and panhandle for dopamine hits by posting photos of your ass.

Nowadays, it seems like social media has become a hotbed for negativity and toxicity. Just scrolling through my feed for five minutes makes me want to snap my phone in half and take a Xanax.

I've seen so many whiny posts lately telling you how you should talk, think and feel. Some nobodies trying to police language while they themselves can barely string a sentence together. Complete strangers who don't know the first thing about you making judgments about how you should feel…

Get triggered, wimp.

Here's the thing: Complaining is easy. Have any of these whiners ever done a hard day's work in their life? Do they even know what a heavy set of deadlifts feels like?

Complaining is weak. Complaining is an annoying expression that reality didn't align with your expectations, that life didn't go the way you wanted it to.

And guess what? It rarely does.

Bellyaching gets you absolutely nowhere. It gives you a false sense of accomplishment that you “spoke your mind” because you rattled off something stupid on Twitter. It perpetuates negativity. It also makes other people think you're an asshole. Which you are.

The world is a terrible place full of injustice. It has always been like this. This is the law of nature. But if you think posting a meme on Instagram will change anything, you're an idiot.

If you want to get involved, try actually getting involved. Put your head down, do the work and shut up. Stop being a crybaby and make a change by setting a goal, making a plan and getting to work. It won't always go your way, that's why you need to stick to it.

Complaining is for losers, winners do what needs to be done and keep their mouths shut.

The sheep will keep bleating while the wolves hunt in silent confidence.

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